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Mary Logan (Oltman)'s SON

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Mary Logan (Oltman)'s SON
Posted Monday, April 5, 2010 08:39 PM
"Please keep Mary Logan Oltman and her husband Roger in your thoughts and prayers, they lost there middle son April 3rd, while playing baseball."
Jean Russel Nasello posted the announcement above.
It sounds like they have already had services in Indiana.

People have asked his age.  From what I can see from her profile, he must have been Jacob and born in 1981.  As far as I have heard from others ...  he had a cardiac arrest.

Gail Ringering had called her to talk without knowing about her son and Mary excused herself from the phone because "Her son had just died."

Please give the family some space by not calling right away and feel free to make comments here or send her emails at her profile.
I have sent this to people in our face book group as well.
Have asked for most of the postings to be here.
Please inform us as information opens.
Does anyone know if it has been in the paper?

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RE: Mary Logan (Oltman)'s SON
Posted Saturday, April 17, 2010 07:08 PM

 Just heard from Mary tonight.

There are no answers from the autopsy.  Mary will contact us when she hears more.  

Here is the link she gave us for more information:

Jacob Johann Oltman

He was 28 1/2 years old and playing softball when he passed away.

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