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1 John Fabjance obit
01/17/22 01:28 PM by Martha Kinsella Leese
"The Alton Educational Foundation's mission is to raise funds for innovative projects that provide enhanced educational opportunities, support academic excellence and encourage sudent achievement throughout School District 11."
1 Thanks to the AHS Class of 1969
04/23/10 03:44 PM by WEBMASTER AHS69
This could get dangerous!!! But, I'm sure we are up to it. Ask questions here or give info here of things we've heard and are still wondering who, what or why!
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Let's just say we borrowed this from a sister website. It did say share!
10/28/09 09:18 AM by Norma Baron
Surely there are more stories of our experiences of learning to drive. Let's here them!
1 RE: Memories of Drivers Ed?
10/28/09 08:08 PM by Kathy Korilko Grapperhaus
The "Why Not Coffee House" Started out on 3rd Street at the YWCA for several years and then moved to the YWCA house on Main Street in the Uptown area of Alton.
3 John's reponse to Becky.
04/21/09 05:01 PM by Norma Baron
Start a topic and add some pictures and let us guess who they are. At the moment there are 2 postings of pictures. The Mark Twain School. Also, the baseball team. Click on the title in the red box to see all posts.
2 RE: Remember Classmates from Mark Twain Elementary?
10/24/09 08:41 AM by Kathy Korilko Grapperhaus
This is actually from Joan Parrish something she remembers from JB Johnson!
11/20/09 09:45 PM by Marie A. Loraine Reyne
Any one have pictures,slides or film footage of activities we participated in high school days back in the sixties? If you can get them into a VHS, CD or DVD FORMAT I can do the rest. Thank you!
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Links to Bill Felky's Pics and to Photo booth Pics!
1 Here are some announcements post Reunion
10/19/09 07:00 PM by Norma Baron
Recent passing of alumi or their family.
18 More news on Frank Kuchnicki Sr.
05/12/11 07:00 PM by Norma Baron
Ron Kelly our Summer Chorus instructor has passed away. Please feel free to enter things you remember about Mr. Kelly
1 RE: Just got this information about Ron Kelly
11/30/09 08:53 PM by Mary Thornton Merkle