Mark Steven (Steve) Elledge

Profile Updated: July 9, 2009
Mark Steven (Steve) Elledge
Residing In: Pearland, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Vickie (Spiker) Elledge
Occupation: Site Rotating Equipment Manager for BP Chemicals
Children: Mark Elledge, Jr. Born 1971--deceased at 6 days
Stacie--Born 1973
Mark, III--Born 1976
Michael--Born More…1981
All reside in Greater Houston area
Yes! Attending Reunion

Vickie & I left Alton in the summer of 1971, for San Mateo, California; where I went to college and worked for the next 3 1/2 years. Returned to Alton and was employed by Amoco and have remained in their employ for 36 years. During my service with them, I have held various positions and have traveled extensively (which has its good & its bad points). Vickie & I were fortunate to be chosen for a special project in Alberta, Canada, in which I brought a new plant on-line. We lived there for 1 year, enjoyed it tremendously and remain friends with co-employees. Vickie swears we're moving to the mountains when & IF I ever get to retire. Right now trying to conquer the game of golf, while maintaining all my clubs in my bag is my greatest challenge. Of course the grandkids are always involved in activities, which Pa-Pa HAS to attend. I'm trying to be talked into becoming a baseball coach for my grandson's team--I'm winning so far--No Way...been there and done that when I was younger--3 teams at once--BUT I was a lot younger and more naive then...I'm into kicking back now and just watching the action. Vickie and I do like to travel; but usually too busy to do so; unless it's job related. We "make-do" with short trips to casinos, hill country, or San Antonio. We do get back to Alton occasionally to visit family. While there I play some golf with old friends and hit up Fast Eddies for a beer, shrimp, and a burger. A friend and I were in Chicago on business and I had to drive him down to Alton for Fast Eddies because he didn't believe me when I told him about the food and he's a believer. Since living in Texas, we have come to love Mexican food along with an ice-cold Corona and a slice of lime. Along the line I've squeezed in time to do an off the chasis restoration of a 1982 Corvette Collector's Edition, and a 1976 Corvette restoration. I showed the '82 in a car show and had Vickie crying when I sold it---she cried too, as I started the restoration--when she walked into the garage and literally saw the entire car disassembled with parts thrown in boxes and the body parts laying all over. All 4 tires were in a pile and NOTHING was labeled. She was hysterical because even the screws were just laying around--you see she's an A-1 organizer--everything HAS to be put in "something" and always labeled--so I tilted her little world there...She asked how in the world would I EVER know where every part went much less every bolt. I just smiled and said, "I don't know..." Then she went in the house and barfed. It was a labor of love and several years; but I got it done---then it was, "I don't know how in the world you put all those piles and boxes of "stuff" together in the right places with no labeling; but I'm glad you're smarter than I gave you credit for." Is that a compliment??? It was really fun to do and heartbreaking for Vickie to watch the new owner drive away in it. No more off the chasis restorations for me; but I did do a jag, a his & her pair of mustangs, and others along the way. Now I just reminisce about all the work and let it go at that. I must be getting old....

School Story:

Remember having to stand up for my big brother and beat up a local "tough guy" one night. I was more worried about what my Dad was going to do to me when I go home than what "could" happen to me the next day when the guy got a good look at his face in the see, I had on my Dad's shirt and it was bloody and torn.....As it turned out the "tough guy" admired me for standing up against him and from then on I was "his friend", but my Dad wasn't so understanding...

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